12 December 2017

The logo was designed by the plastic artist Carlos Páez Vilaró, one of the most important and acclaimed artists in Uruguay, among three other logos created for the 2010 Southamerican Championship held in Punta del Este.

Páez Vilaró sailed at the Yacht Club Uruguayo in his youth and was really moved when he was asked to cooperate with the Optimist Championship:

 “ It is difficult to explain, but your request made me race toward a nostalgic past, to my first days as a sailor, when masters such as Dirk Albers, Eugenio Lauz Santurio or Carlos Sáez, enriched my youth sailing in the Puerto del Buceo.

Those were unique years, when that first experience would later be the base for trying my art, sailing every sea in an adventure that never ends.

 If at this point in my life and my age you allow me the enjoyment of remembering my sailing days, it is my place to give thanks for the privilege.

It was a pleasure to conform to your idea. Now you just need to set sail and carry the project to its triumph.



Get to know our great artist: .http://www.carlospaezvilaro.com.uy/Ingles/Englishbiografia.htm